About this blog

The purpose of this blog is to allow me to store, share, and discuss my “jams” with Java. And by “jams” I mean things or situations that I find valuable and useful when working as a Java Developer. Every day I read interesting (well at least from my point of view) facts or deal with tough (again IMHO) situations and I don’t want to lose that knowledge and experience to the ever lasting time, while someone may need it right now. I’ve been in that particular situation before, and I think that anyone will agree, that the danger of simply forgetting is very real. So this blog will serve as my personal notebook. Well not like the Death Note. 🙂 And what better way to remember than to discuss with likeminded geeks.

About me

Georgi Mihaylov
I seriously need to update this picture!

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name is Georgi Mihaylov and I am from Bulgaria. Don’t worry if never heard of it. Few people had and most of them have nothing good to say. I hope to turn the negative attitude around and actually have fun with this. My country is the most preferred share-service locations in Europe right now. There are many IT companies that are outsourcing which leads to many opportunities for developers like myself.

I don’t have strong coding background rather a technical one. I was into hardware like transistors, resistors and chips till I finished college. However at later period computer games caught large part of my attentions and budged. So I decided to study and learn more about them … so here I am.

I am Java developer. I have been developing desktop and web Java applications for almost 8 years while being part of different sized companies with few type of teams. During that time I’ve learned a lot about the Java language and how to bend it to my will, but what is more interesting – I learned about best practices and am planning to share them with you.

About you

Can’t quite put my finger on your profile, but you are either looking to discuss and socialize on interesting Java topics or simply browsing to learn something new for immediate or future use. Either way this blog should keep you entertained for a while. May even learn something interesting. 😉

About software development

As I mentioned earlier I do have some experience on the field, even on customer site. I know what it takes to build stable product, for short amount of time while covering all customer requirements. And let me tell you that this combination is simply impossible. Something always gives right to the next priority item in the iteration so the balance is never truly achieved. Software developing isn’t simply coding. Coding is just one of multiple activities that required a solid team of professionals. From then on, everything depends on seniority. And by seniority I mean responsible mindset, not position tag. Experience has taught me that a job description means nothing until one proves it.